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We here at Shalom Ministry have greatly appreciated the teaching and fellowship that Amy Downey and Tzedakah Ministries brought to the women of our church community. It was not only edifying, but it gave our women a renewed vision and burden for proclaiming the Gospel to the Jew first. I encourage all pastors, and in particular African American pastors, to recognize that the Lord has raised up our sister Amy for such a time as this to ignite the flame in our sisters’ hearts to proclaim the Gospel and fulfill their rightful roles in the Great Commission. I strongly urge ministerial leaders to contact Tzedakah Ministries and invite her come to speak and share. – John Denson, President of Shalom Ministry (Detroit, MI)

I want to commend to you Amy Downey and Tzedakah Ministries.  The purpose statement of the ministry tells you why Tzedakah Ministries exists:  “To provide Christians with the Scriptural knowledge, spiritual resources and practical applications for the presentation of the Gospel to the Jewish people and to provide for the discipleship of new Jewish believers.”  I want to tell you why it is successful.  Amy Downey was reared in a pastor’s home and saw the church from the inside-out.  And she stayed.  Her ministry is a reflection of her heart for God, His Chosen People, and His Grafted-in People.  Amy is a servant of the Lord and His people who possesses and demonstrates impeccable integrity.  She is a student, scholar, and teacher who gives out the truth of God’s Word with a passion for equipping the whole church to reach the Jewish People with the gospel of Jesus the Messiah.  Her ministry will bring a dimension of ministry to your congregation that will bless you and will also bless the Lord.  I wholeheartedly commend Amy Downey and Tzedakah Ministries – Dr. Ted Elmore, President/CEO Ted Elmore Ministries; Prayer & Field Ministry Strategist, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

As I began preparing to teach a study on the Jewish Feasts, I heard about Tzedakah Ministries, Amy then came and spoke at our annual Ladies’ Luncheon. Amy has dedicated her life to working with the Jewish community, and I soon learned how knowledgeable she is. Her desire to introduce the Jewish people to the Messiah displays her deep faith and sincere love for Christ. She was a tremendous help to me as well as a great encourager. I am grateful for her knowledge of Jewish culture and have been blessed by her encouragement and her gifts as a speaker and teacher. — Carol Smith, Ladies Ministry Teacher/Facilitator, Fisherville Baptist Church (Eads, TN)

Tzedakah Ministries is being mightily used of the Lord to open the eyes of the Body of Christ to the urgent need for Jewish evangelism! We highly recommend this ministry to the local church! – Mark Haney, Pastor of Harvest Fellowship Church (Leedey, OK)

The Lord said about Paul, “for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the Gentiles.” I am blessed to be able to say the same about a devout Gentile named Amy Downey, “for she is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before my people, the children of Israel.” I have known Amy for almost twenty years and her life and ministry through Tzedakah Ministries is a testament to her Lord. I am simply excited in having an opportunity to share in the work of Tzedakah Ministries and Jewish evangelism – Dennis Parish, Pastor of The Church at 242 (Conroe, TX)

It has been my joy to have benefited from the ministry of Tzedakah Ministries on more than one occasion. Amy Downey is an engaging, articulate speaker whose heart for reaching the lost among the Jewish people is contagious, and whose love for Christ is compelling. The message of Tzedakah Ministries has helped create a new awareness of the urgent need for reaching the Jewish members of our community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I would recommend this wonderful ministry to other churches. – Jeffrey English, Pastor at First Baptist Church (Kyle, TX)

Amy Downey of Tzedakah Ministries recently visited our church and gave a presentation concerning the mission of that ministry to God’s chosen people. Knowing that our small church would barely be able to cover traveling expenses (if that); Amy came to share the good news of ‘God at work’ in the Jewish community and the passion that she has for His work. The hearts of the people were touched by the stories of God’s love being lived and expressed into the lives of others. We were blessed by our time together. The biggest contribution of our small church is in supporting this ministry with our prayers. Amy knows and values the power of prayer. I am sure that you will be blessed if you will open your hearts to the message of love embraced by Amy and Tzedakah Ministries. — James Frazier, Former Pastor of Nutrioso Bible Church (Nutrioso, AZ)

Our church was mightily blessed by Amy Downey and Tzedakah Ministries. The message was loud and clear, and no less than mightily convicting. I wholeheartedly commend this ministry to the local church. If you and your church have not thought of the Jew at allin your evangelistic efforts, then you better re-think your evangelistic enterprise. Amy, may God continue to bless your ministry and campaign!” — James T. Cater, Pastor of Candlestick Bible Church (Pembroke Pines, FL)

Tzedakah Ministries is a ministry that serves the Kingdom by equipping the local church with the tools they need to bring the good news to the lost remnant of Israel. Amy Downey is a true Romans 9 and 10 servant in Yeshua. Her main function with the saints is to build them up in Christ so that they may be equipped to bring to Good News of Salvation of Yeshua ha’Mashiach, to the Jewish people. The resources that this ministry offers helps many to sharpen their skills in Jewish evangelism. As the founder of Tzedakah Ministries, Amy has devoted her life to helping local church members. I have spent time speaking with Amy and I have seen her fire for the lost. I recommend that you to have her come and help you train up your brothers and sisters. Each Jewish person that comes to faith means that there will be one less of the two thirds that will be cut off and perish during the tribulation (Zechariah 13:8-9). Amy is a member of the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship and we are proud to have her serving along side of us in the mission field. — Ric Worshill, President of the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship